I thought there will be some hard days, but as soon as this?
But it won't keep me from writing! I thought I would share these thoughts with you guys, as I promised that I will write every bump on the road as well. (Hold that thought... There's too much thought in that thought, don't you think?)

That was not even funny... See? The shit hit the fan...
There are days when things just don't work. Seems like everything is falling apart. I can't keep things together at my work and this is starting to affect me in other areas. Maybe this is because I have not enough focus on it. I dedicate my focus to my imagination and ideas. But if one card falls, the house of cards collapses. If not happy at work, not happy with doing other stuff. It's like something's wrong, but I don't know what.. I can't work on my precious project today. When I can't put 100% in the things I do, I feel empty. This drags me down.
So how do I change this? I'm not a whiney little... bench, so I will do what Barney does: I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead! *uck you, sadness! (I don't know why everyone beeps out the "u" in fuck, Imma go with "F") I won't let your pathetic pity-pebbles hit me! I'm stronger than you! - And this is what I was thinking while driving home... Thinking? Shouting! I wonder what I looked like from other cars... But you know what? It worked! I won't let myself slip! And if that pity-pebble hits me, I will stand up again... and again and again!

Ok, I feel better now:)

Remember, be awesome instead!


4/9/2013 06:32:59 am

Hahaha, love the picture. Nice post. You are right, sometimes things do not work out and you just have to take that and remain focused without letting it drag you down.


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