They say everyone has at least one million-dollar idea in his/her lifetime. But most of us just let it slip away. Most people just say: "Hmm I think I could make a fortune with an exclusive coffee shop here. There's no coffee shop nearby, and there are a lot of business facilities around with potential customers. Ah nevermind..."
But life has a very direct way of teaching us :)
A few years later on the exact same corner: "What a crowded and fancy coffe shop. Wow! They must make a furtune! Well... I have thought of the same thing back then..."

I beleive that every good idea can be a million-dollar idea. But just a handful of them will be...
To come up with an idea is "easy". But to take action... It's a lot harder. You need to take risks, you encounter countless obstacles, you need to work with a lot of people. And if you're enthusiasm runs dry, it's over. At least this is what I've learned from my previous "project". (By the way I still hope that we can finish that one as well)
The bottom line is that you have to be 100% sure that you want to do this!! As Yoda said: "Do. Or do not! There is no try!" I'm 100% sure, that I want to do this, and I want to keep it that way. I think that this Blog can help me in that.

So you might ask:
- Do you think that you have a million-dollar idea?
- Well I'm glad you asked. You know, it's not about the money. I mean maybe I can't be measured that way.  It's about how it makes me feel. I feel excited!! I feel that so many people will use and love this! So because of that:
Of couse I think I have a million-dollar idea! I beleive in it and I'm enthusiastic about it! But I always have doubts...
Is my excitement blindfoldig me? Am I hiding the truth from myself? I have to find it out! I have spent now 3 days of searching for anything that could prove that my idea is not viable. Fortunately I have not found anything game-changing. But I will have to know what my potential costumers have to say. I need to mesure the demand. So I have decided to make a survey to evaluate the demand for my "product". I have to do some other things before that, but I will show you the survey and the outcome :)


P.S.: Oh and I have registered my blog to one of the largest Blog databases. It's pretty awesome:) Check it out: http://technorati.com/

I was sittng at my desk at home, wondering... What is this? Will people use this? How? The way I imagined? How I make it come alive? Is it a good idea?
Thoughts just rushing through my head back and forth. Questions, questions everywhere. I have that many questions, because it might be something big, I know! I'm excited!!!
Okay, calm down... First, let's see if anyone has this idea already. Let's see if I can find something like this on the internet. After a few minutes/hours (I don't really know how much time) of searching... No, nothing with this concept.
Okay so.. What do I do? What do I do?
I't so simple.. Why people have never thought about this? This would be a huge business! Maybe it's not a viable idea. No! It has to be! I have to protect it! But how? I can't patent this, it's just an idea...
But... But.. let's think about it more for a second.
... And this is where even more ideas came to my mind about it. I have to do this! People will love it! Umm okay... So this is a website. I will need someone who will do the programming part. As I have created an almost complete website before with design, and client side programming, I think I can do that part. (That was an idea with a firend of mine. That's an insteresting story as well, maybe once I will write about it.) So if I can find someone who can do the server side programming, we're good to go. Of course! The friend of mine, who I was working with on the prevoius idea. But as it turned out he's busy... and not that excited as me.
I have two other options. Go to a big firm, e.g. Google, or pay to someone to do it. I didn't think at that point that I have a 3rd option as well... But we will get to that :)

I'm getting ahead of myself here, I have so much to do until I have to choose. So I have to go now to work on some plans... Will keep you posted :)


P.S.: You can read more about me and this blog in the My Story and About section of the site.