Hey Everyone!

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Budapest. I was playing tennis in the morning and it was really nice. My forehand improved :P
I have just finished the 18th huge page of the site's specification and it's gooood :D New ideas alwways rushing through my head. Altough I would need all the money in the world to put all of them into the site. And also... less is more. So only a limited amount of ideas of mine will say "Hello" to you when you finally can use it:)
So basically you don't know anything about this project and where am I with that, so here's the deal:
We have found 2 teams to do this site, we have an offer from one of them (a delevoper located in the UK), but most likely we will wait for the other one's offer before we accept anything. The other one is a Hungarian crew, who actually created a large streaming website and I hope they will be super-interested in this :) The best would be if they could join the project and we would give them an amount of equity, so they could feel it their baby as well.

We had a 4-hour meeting yesterday with a web designer who actually have the connection to that Hungarian crew and he seems that he knows what he's laking about :) He asks a lot and being critical, which is good! I think he gets it... He stated to feel why this can be awesome (and also veery complex to develop) :)

So let's see the offer the Hungarian team makes. If it's waaay above our paygrade, we need to look for an investor ASAP :)

Cheers :)

So It's been a while... But I'm sitting here and a lot of things have changed and progressed.

I don't want to write excuses why I didn't post anything for I don't even know how much time.... So consider these none-excuses!
As you may (or may not) know I'm a project manager at a multinational company and sometimes things are just not the way they should be on a project. So let's say I was (and being) put to the test and also to my limits. And this is where the boring part comes... My program manager got a call one day form the boss of his boss' boss with slight indication that he will change the project he works on. That was in February I beleive... After that he asked me if I would like to be a part of the madness he's working on and I said yes! Why wouldn't I? So the situation was the following (without the most boring details):
- 5 months delay
- Asshole, demaning client who prims like a... (he's swedish - no offence :))
- Not a single working process in place
- We're doing Win7 migration from XP for 23000 PCs and after 5 months, the image was full of holes and was not ready (but we're migrating anyway)
- supporting functions not in place yet, no budget for "normal" support
- aaand I could go on all night long
But after all this crap I wrote about it, I'm actually enjoying it. I'm working 12 hours a day and it's intense! I like intense things. I like to manage people and tell them what to do (yes, I'm a little - how to put this delicately - controlling).

Also, during the summer I have tried some awesome dances. Yes.. I love to dance! So I'm dancing now 3 different types of dances and also playing tennis. So this takes a bunch of my time.

Anyway... This is not goodbye of course of my precious idea.
With my partner, we don't have a lot of time atm, but let me tell you this: I'm beyond excited about this... :D If people are ready for this, it's going to explode!! We're talking with several developers to start the site. I will write about it next time :)

This post was for the none-excuses, to not-get them off of my chest :) So thanks for reading if you could reach this far!


As I have mentioned before, I would be glad to have a partner on this, because I like to brainstorm with a like-minded individual :) Well it seems that I might have found someone.
Because of this, another option seems viable for developing the site. With more capital we could hire someone to develop the site. Well this option has pros and cons of course.
The pros would be that it would be done by a professional and less adjustments would be needed to the code afterwards. Also, it would be more optimized for SEO and for performance.
The dowside of this that if the developer doesn't understand the concept fully, we always need to make little adjustments. Also, I would need the programmer to be creative and communicate every move with me. I think it will be hard to find someone like this. But it seems that the number options are rising and it's a very good thing :)
So the task is to try to find an insanely creative pro-ninja web developer. Wish me luck :)


P.S.: In case you know anyone who is a professional developer, don't hesitate to send them to me :)

I thought there will be some hard days, but as soon as this?
But it won't keep me from writing! I thought I would share these thoughts with you guys, as I promised that I will write every bump on the road as well. (Hold that thought... There's too much thought in that thought, don't you think?)

That was not even funny... See? The shit hit the fan...
There are days when things just don't work. Seems like everything is falling apart. I can't keep things together at my work and this is starting to affect me in other areas. Maybe this is because I have not enough focus on it. I dedicate my focus to my imagination and ideas. But if one card falls, the house of cards collapses. If not happy at work, not happy with doing other stuff. It's like something's wrong, but I don't know what.. I can't work on my precious project today. When I can't put 100% in the things I do, I feel empty. This drags me down.
So how do I change this? I'm not a whiney little... bench, so I will do what Barney does: I stop being sad and be AWESOME instead! *uck you, sadness! (I don't know why everyone beeps out the "u" in fuck, Imma go with "F") I won't let your pathetic pity-pebbles hit me! I'm stronger than you! - And this is what I was thinking while driving home... Thinking? Shouting! I wonder what I looked like from other cars... But you know what? It worked! I won't let myself slip! And if that pity-pebble hits me, I will stand up again... and again and again!

Ok, I feel better now:)

Remember, be awesome instead!


The time has come to start creating the design of the site :)
A few weeks ago, when this idea came into my mind, I also came up with a name. It's soo cool, it perfectly suits the essence of the site! I immediately rushed to a domain buying site and typed it in. An guess what... No one was using it! I bought it right away :P

Now to start the design, I'm in the making of the logo with that cool name :) I want to start with the logo, because I think it gives a baseline to the design. Everything on the site has to refer to the logo and the name. The feeling, the colors, the icons etc. Okay, so these are the important points that I think I should follow in the design:

Be interesting
Design is very important, especially when engaging people who are coming to my site for the first time. It has to be simple, yet interesting. My goal is to make it a little bit funny as well! People love having fun and I want them to have fun while they're using my site! This is the main goal! This is the secret ;)
So basically I have to communicate this fun vibe with my design.

Be simple
Every action they take should be simple and easy to execute. The whole site needs to be self explanatory. Also, I have to limit the information flood as much as I can. I have to be careful not to overwhelm new users with to much information. This will be fudging difficult, because the site is really complex... I will have some sleepless nights because of that for sure :)

Be creative
I want my site to stand out from the other similar purpose sites on the internet. My first trump card is fun! :) I think I don't have to explain that... The second is customizable user experince. "Uum and what the heck that means?" - Good question! It means that the User can take actions in more ways than on a regular site. I can't give you any more details now, but I will show you when the time comes :)

Be mobil :)
Another great challange will be to convert this design to a mobile application design.. Yes, there will be a mobil application as well :)

That's all for now... I will come back with ore design soon and mybe with some samples :P


So where was I? Hmm.. Oh yeah preparing for my startup. So what's next... What's next? I have a bunch of papers in front of me, all piled up. Plans, plans, some more plans. Oh wait... There's aaaaaa plan! And still not ready with the planning. I'm starting to get impatient. I want to actually do the thing! Work on desing, develop the website! Yeah, that's some good stuff! Ahh what is missing before I start? I want to just jump to that part! Okay, let's see what I need to do until I can start with those:

  • I need a detailed site plan - not ready, almost at 50%
  • I still need to create a survey to get some idea on demand
  • I need to be a little better in programming - Working on it :)
  • Database plan - eww
  • Create solutions for each feature of the site - some really fancy and difficult stuff here :)

I think when all of this is done I can start with the basics of the design. Awesome :D

Oh by the way, I was curious how much would it cost if I would have someone build this site for me. I have requested an offer. We'll see what is the number :P (If the y're willing to tell me without any obligations)

Woow I have a lot of things to do, so I'm off:)

Cheers everyone! And don't forget to smile today:)


Yeeey making some progress :) I'm almost ready to start developing my site :P Yesterday I took a programming lesson from my friend :) Yeah I know you think: "Omg this jerk can't even know how to develop a website." I must say: Exactly :) That is why it's an even bigger challenge for me! I loove learning new things. And eventually I have to be a little bit better in programming to make this dream come true. Because this website will be a very complex one. And it will be complex, because I want to make my future users' life easier! I would be able to start like this, and maybe even finish the site, but at the end I would regret this very badly... I would just write a messy code, which no one can follow. Imagine this: I want to hire a new programmer after my site is done, so I don't have to make updates and run the company as well. So the guy (let's name him Greg), who I want to hire, comes to my apartment. Greg says "hi" kindly, smiling. I'm shaking his hand, smiling. Next to a cup of coffee or tea or whatever, I'm expalining him how the site/company works, future plans, etc. I see lots of excitement in his face, so I'm about to show him the code, he has to work with in the next few years. I'm a bit nervous what his reaction will be, but I'm calm. My pulse is 176, but I'm rock solid... So I turn the laptop towards Greg... He's gazing it, scrolling like a beast. I begin to notice that the sweat on his forehead is starting to create a tiny drop. It starts to run down on his face. No good... A small grimace appears on his face like he's chewing a lemon with seeds in it. No good at all... After 34 seconds of lemon chewing, he looks at me and one word gets out of his mouth: "Fuuuuuuu...uuuck" And walks right out the door. So this is what I'm willing to avoid with proper preparation :)

This is all for today. Keep smiling!


I was sittng at my desk at home, wondering... What is this? Will people use this? How? The way I imagined? How I make it come alive? Is it a good idea?
Thoughts just rushing through my head back and forth. Questions, questions everywhere. I have that many questions, because it might be something big, I know! I'm excited!!!
Okay, calm down... First, let's see if anyone has this idea already. Let's see if I can find something like this on the internet. After a few minutes/hours (I don't really know how much time) of searching... No, nothing with this concept.
Okay so.. What do I do? What do I do?
I't so simple.. Why people have never thought about this? This would be a huge business! Maybe it's not a viable idea. No! It has to be! I have to protect it! But how? I can't patent this, it's just an idea...
But... But.. let's think about it more for a second.
... And this is where even more ideas came to my mind about it. I have to do this! People will love it! Umm okay... So this is a website. I will need someone who will do the programming part. As I have created an almost complete website before with design, and client side programming, I think I can do that part. (That was an idea with a firend of mine. That's an insteresting story as well, maybe once I will write about it.) So if I can find someone who can do the server side programming, we're good to go. Of course! The friend of mine, who I was working with on the prevoius idea. But as it turned out he's busy... and not that excited as me.
I have two other options. Go to a big firm, e.g. Google, or pay to someone to do it. I didn't think at that point that I have a 3rd option as well... But we will get to that :)

I'm getting ahead of myself here, I have so much to do until I have to choose. So I have to go now to work on some plans... Will keep you posted :)


P.S.: You can read more about me and this blog in the My Story and About section of the site.