Hey Everyone!

It's a beautiful sunny Sunday here in Budapest. I was playing tennis in the morning and it was really nice. My forehand improved :P
I have just finished the 18th huge page of the site's specification and it's gooood :D New ideas alwways rushing through my head. Altough I would need all the money in the world to put all of them into the site. And also... less is more. So only a limited amount of ideas of mine will say "Hello" to you when you finally can use it:)
So basically you don't know anything about this project and where am I with that, so here's the deal:
We have found 2 teams to do this site, we have an offer from one of them (a delevoper located in the UK), but most likely we will wait for the other one's offer before we accept anything. The other one is a Hungarian crew, who actually created a large streaming website and I hope they will be super-interested in this :) The best would be if they could join the project and we would give them an amount of equity, so they could feel it their baby as well.

We had a 4-hour meeting yesterday with a web designer who actually have the connection to that Hungarian crew and he seems that he knows what he's laking about :) He asks a lot and being critical, which is good! I think he gets it... He stated to feel why this can be awesome (and also veery complex to develop) :)

So let's see the offer the Hungarian team makes. If it's waaay above our paygrade, we need to look for an investor ASAP :)

Cheers :)