I wrote a nice little article about what I think is needed for start something big.

This is my first guest post, enjoy :)


I will come back soon with updates on my project :P

As I have mentioned before, I would be glad to have a partner on this, because I like to brainstorm with a like-minded individual :) Well it seems that I might have found someone.
Because of this, another option seems viable for developing the site. With more capital we could hire someone to develop the site. Well this option has pros and cons of course.
The pros would be that it would be done by a professional and less adjustments would be needed to the code afterwards. Also, it would be more optimized for SEO and for performance.
The dowside of this that if the developer doesn't understand the concept fully, we always need to make little adjustments. Also, I would need the programmer to be creative and communicate every move with me. I think it will be hard to find someone like this. But it seems that the number options are rising and it's a very good thing :)
So the task is to try to find an insanely creative pro-ninja web developer. Wish me luck :)


P.S.: In case you know anyone who is a professional developer, don't hesitate to send them to me :)